What We Do


1st : We learn everything about your event: the history, audience, marketplace and current objectives.


2nd : We take that information and apply it to a range of helpful services including:

Core Competency


In order to successfully market and sell event sponsorships, you must have complete and absolute dedication. Our team knows how to get the job done like no other, with a focus on:

Dedicated to Your Goals


The Summit Sponsorship Group based in New York City, is the industry-leading provider of outsourced sponsorship and exhibit sales professionals. We are a tenured team of dedicated sponsorship sales executives whose sole mission is to help you actualize and maximize your event sales goals. With more than 20 years of experience, we can source, secure, and service the right matches for your organization to help you grow and elevate your event.


Each day, our team works to initiate, nurture, and grow relationships with the world's leading Fortune 1,000 companies—relationships that drive revenue and empower our clients to expand the image and execution of their events. We strive to align our clients and sponsors with similar strategic goals.

​• Understanding your event -   In depth approach to learn your goals and marketplace

• Delivering Results -  Minimizing your financial risks along the way

• Retention and Loyalty -  Sales programs that foster long term relationships

• Generating New Revenue Streams -  Identify and monetize your event assets 

• Customization -  Structuring packages to fit your market

• Market Expertise -  IT, Technology Innovation, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Automotive and Travel    

• Experience servicing regional, national, and international clients

• Sales Strategy Creation, Activation and Execution

• Generation of Client Demand

• Collateral Optimization & Customization

• New Revenue Stream Actualization

• Accessing our Extensive Sponsor & Exhibitor Network

• Innovative & Market Appropriate Sponsorships

• Client Loyalty & Retention Programs

• Floor Plan Optimization